May 19, 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Antivirus Deals and How to Beat Renewal Prices

What Constitutes an Antivirus Deal?

With so many companies coming up with different deals and discounts, it is hard to figure out which deal would be best for you. But essentially any price you can find on the internet that is cheaper than your renewal price is clearly a better deal, But is it the BEST?

Take Bitdefender for example, I use this antivirus software myself, as well as offering about the best prices around, and for good reason.

Lets look at my latest renewal offer from Bitdefender

Beat Bitdefender Renewal Prices

As you can see Bitdefender are offering 30% OFF for renewing with them for another year of security, now lets look at the website and see what offers are available without going through the renewal Email?

Best Bitdefender Antivirus Deals

WAIT…Hold on a minute, so IF I actually remain loyal to Bitdefender through using their renewal offer email I get 30% OFF! BUT, if I don’t renew and just buy again directly from the Bitdefender store I get 50% OFF!!! What is going on here, not exactly a LOYALTY BONUS now is it? The difference between the 2 is quite significant in that the renewal price would be:-

£69.99 – 30% (RENEWAL OFFER) = £48.99

£69.99 – 50% (BITDEFENDER OFFER) = £34.99

That’s a whopping £14 extra cost for staying loyal!!

Now I would not be telling you all of this unless there was a point to be made and oh boy is there. with buying power and exclusive deals available to us we are able to offer the EXACT same Product, With EXACT same SUPPORT and EXACT Features for….

Its a similar but also much worse deal being loyal with KASPERSKY after checking renewal of Kaspersky Internet Security 2022….

Beat Kaspersky Renewal Price

In this image you can see that to renew my License directly from the RENEWAL email the price is £44.99 and no mention of ANY discounts for your loyalty???

Upon Checking the Kaspersky website for an offer it seems there are not any, this is the price that I could find by going directly to Kaspersky


Beat Kaspersky Internet Security Renewal Price


So at least there is some consistency there with pricing.

But again we have a fantastic price for Kaspersky here at ACS


Loyalty is a rare commodity in today’s world, and you can understand why, whether it’s car insurance, mobile phone contracts, Broadband, Energy, or in our case Internet security and antivirus. The majority of the time if you shop around there is a better deal to be found somewhere, so please before you click that link, allow that autorenewal to proceed, or keep that rolling contract, spend a little time on the internet and do some comparisons, you will be amazed at how much you could save each year on just these few things alone.

We hope you have found this article of interest and certainly hope that you shop with us in the future if not today

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