May 31, 2021 Antivirus Parental Controls

Best parental controls for antivirus 2021

Parental Controls are now a big thing in the antivirus market, with internet usage at an all time high during the Coronavirus Pandemic, more and more of our children looked to the internet not only for entertainment but in an unprecedented move by the United Kingdom Government to enable schooling to take place from the home.

At the same time the sheer number of devices that we connect with are also growing exponentially, nearly all mobile phones and cell phones are now “Smart Phones”, tablets, e-readers, consoles, the list is endless! But with all these connections to the World Wide Web also comes some risk, as we know not all sites, we end up finding or opening from an email are going to be trustworthy.

This is where as parents it is our sole responsibility to ensure the safety of our young ones when they venture into that even bigger internet world.

Most Computer users will already have some sort of Antivirus in place, whether it is the built in Windows Security that comes with the Windows Operating System or one of the many FREE versions of leading antivirus companies such as Bitdefender, Kaspersky and others. These Antivirus will always offer some form of protection and is always far better than nothing at all, however as you may expect, the free versions are missing some key security features that with today’s modern threats are not so much a should have but a MUST have, certainly when it comes to protecting our children!

Parental Control Apps

Parental Control Apps are becoming more powerful all of the time with many allowing complete control over the system and internet usage our children have, for example: –

  • Do you want to limit the amount of time on Fortnite or any other game or program?
  • Then you can set a limit on the actual app itself!
  • Do you want to block malicious websites from showing?
  • Then you can block these too!
  • Do you want to limit the total time using the device?
  • Again, you can set a limit for this!

As you can see there are many advantages and options to having a paid antivirus with the Parental Controls available to you and this was just the tip of the iceberg, there will be a full review of some of the leading Antivirus Software with Parental Controls below to help you decide on the best option for you.

Top 3 Antivirus Software with Parental Controls

Kaspersky Total Security

Kaspersky Total Security is leading the market currently and for good reason, with a simple and easy to use interface and Privacy and Security features that would make other brands blush, this excellent security software will allow users to set a safety net around their kids’ internet use and devices.

More than just an Internet Security software, much more, with numerous security features included for the price of just a 1-year Subscription. But which one are we interested in for this topic? Of course, the amazing Kaspersky Safe Kids. This brilliant interface is awash with options for you to protect your children online and in the big wide world outside. For an complete package price of £22.45 for Kaspersky Total Security – 5 devices – 1 Year, Some of the main features are: –

  • Block malicious Video searches on websites like YouTube
  • Send an alert when your child’s mobile phone or cell phone has low battery
  • Locate your children with GPS positioning
  • Set a virtual pen so as to know when they are outside this area
  • Online help and tips about child psychology from a handful of real psychiatrists
  • Regulate apps and game usage times, days dates etc.
  • Control total device time allowed

On top of all this there are Crypto Lockers for Ransom Protection, Password Safes and much more

Bitdefender Total Security

One of the Big Boys again and Bitdefender hit a home run with its Total Security Suite. This Multi Device offering is widely considered the most cost effective and least demanding Antivirus available considering it can cover 5 devices including Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Great news for people wanting to put Parental Controls on to an iPhone or iPad!

For a subscription to Bitdefender Total Security – 5 Devices – 1 Year at JUST £18.95 you get:-

  • APP Monitoring. Control which apps are allowed on the device
  • Screen-time-limits. Control the amount of screen time the child is allowed
  • Device Location Tracking. Track the location of your child’s device with GPS
  • Safe Browsing. Built in website guard for safe websites

There is much more below the bonnet of the Bitdefender Total Security offering and it should be considered as an option as this one is a lot of Bang for your Buck!

Norton 360 Deluxe

Norton 360 Deluxe is a top of the range Antivirus and Internet Security Software. This brilliant piece of software gives the adults easy selection of what we need but also allowing us to control what our children don’t need to see.

With a strong group of tools to choose from that enable you to make safe every part of your online presence the standout options are under the Norton Family Parental Control opening up options such as: –

  • Time Supervision. Complete control over your children’s device usage time
  • Mobile APP Supervision. Control which apps are allowed to be installed on the device
  • Location Supervision. Track your Childs location with GPS
  • School Time. Lock the device during school hours
  • Video Supervision. Check what videos your children are watching
  • Web Supervision. Check your child’s website usage
  • Seach Supervision. Check the searches that your child has made

With a Parental Control Dashboard these features are simple to find and easy to set up, giving you a heads up display of your child’s device usage

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